Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ouch Ouch Ouch!

I am going to take this moment to whine.


I had to have what I thought was a small little procedure done yesterday (as in pretty much equivalent to removing a mole) and came away with a nice 6 inch long cut on me! Can you say ouchie?!?!? LIfe was ok last night.. cause it was still numb. I love novicane! But then... about 3am and a percoset later... WIDE AWAKE and still in pain.
Its going to be a long day!! I am not even sure how many stitches I have but I know it is more than a couple. Someone shoot me!!

Well.. next week is already Turkey day, I am not ready.. not even a little. EEP! Guess I better get my butt in gear this weekend :)

Oh.. and I went to St George this weekend and hiked. 3 hour hike and I was exausted. How pathetic am I? *sigh* but the weather was BEAUTIFUL as was the scenery!! I'll try to post some pic soon.

Monday, October 29, 2007

My new goal..

This has got to be the coolest place EVER!!

My new goal is to get to Fitness Ridge by February of 2008! One week.
Someone better hold me to it. If I had the mulah and the time off I would be there next week. That is how badly I want to go!!

In the meantime I am going to have to enjoy kicking the dumb asthma cough.

In other news...
I watched The Family Stone last night. I have seen previews for it a few times and saw an all-star cast... so I figured that it can't totally suck. I was soooo right! I sat in front of the TV with my knitting (hush you!) and laughed out loud, got super emotional (didn't quite cry) and actually had a moment where I wished I was in a relationship. Scary.. I know!

Who watched Grey's last week? Was I the only one that was totally depressed that Ava left again? She needs to be on the show long term!! Alex needs a love interest cause lord knows I am SOOO sick of the Izzy/ George and Meredith/ Derrick story line!

And last but not least.. THE BIGGEST LOSER!! Soo much drama in last week's episode! Such a shame that people sink so low for personal gain. My faves are still Hollie (GO HOLLIE!) Julie and.. BOB! :) hehe.

I got my tea last week! It is called Mulberry Yellow tea... aka Phellinus Linteus ( I don't know about you but that aka sounds like either A. Some obsession with something Phallic or B. Some stuffy uptight trust fund guy with old parents that gave him some obscure family name.) Anyway..
it is very light tasting and I actually enjoy it. It helped my congestion by leaps and bounds. It took the edge off of my cough as well. I highly suggest it... read the research at I am going to continue with it and report my results

Now I am off to check my email and make some ugly yarn creation called a blanket :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Check her out!

She has an amazing voice IMO!

I am a blog slacker!

I am back from having a great time in Tulsa and seeing some awesome peeps down there. I have another blog to post about that but I need to load a couple of pictures first, hehehe.

As soon as I got home I had to go straight to the doctor... for... a freakin breathing treatment! Something seems so wrong about inhaling nothing but chemicals to open up your lungs. Doesn't that seem oxy-moronish?!? I felt like I was suckin on a tailpipe. Luckily it helped some.

About a year ago I was diagnosed with asthma. Tuesday it was pretty much confirmed that I will never be able to own a dog again. I can't tell you how sad this makes me. All of a sudden I have developed these extreme allergies to many things. It is kind of depressing. I haven't been able to hit the gym all week because I am living with allergy pills in one hand and an inhaler in the other. I finally started feeling better today though.. I think all the allergens are making their way out of my system...

A dear friend suggested me checking out a certain tea to help me out. I have been reading all the research on it and.. I am impressed. I am much more into holistic healing than traditional medicine so.. why not. I will keep you posted. If you wanna check it out too.. you should! Mulberry Yellow Tea .... It is touted to help cancer patients the most but also aid several other ailments. It should get here Tuesday.. be prepared for my review!

Now I must haul my buns to the store to get more ingredients for bath salts (yay!) and something to eat for the week. Miss me.. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007


If you have not read this WONDERFUL book yet.. go! Run, don't walk! It is one of the best books I have read. As in.. it is in my top five and I read often!

I am currently in Tulsa! YAY! I am getting to spend time with one of my fave people of all time.
And I have met her wonderful fiance (they have got to be the cutest couple of all time) though I am pretty convinced that he is trying to kill me every.time.he.drives. I mean... um... he is a WONDERFUL driver, with an impeccable sense of direction. Especially when he is talking. :)

During this visit I have come to the conclusion that
A. All Tulsans should move to Utah. They are so pleasant and friendly. I kinda wanna run around and hug all of them! Kinda.

B. Someone needs to build a Panera in Utah. And while we are on the subject of my wishes... they need to also give me a lifetime all access to all food contained in that store for free. YUM!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Be Thankful!

I was at work the other day and need to take a moment to escape from the crazy craziness that is my work. We have very restricted net access there. I just happened to be able to access this article and something about it caught my attention.

It was the whole concept of being thankful.

There were other great points in there but I really liked this one. So in honor of this I think I am going to list what I am thankful for!

1. Having great friends that really serve as family in my life.
2. That I have a roof over my head and a cozy blanket to snuggle up in at night.
3. That I can live my life how I want to on only my terms, that I realized this before I was 80.
4. That I have my full mental capacity and all five of my senses. (those moments I am ODed on Latte's don't count!)
5. That I was able to meet the missing portion of my family while I was still young so that I have a chance to get to know them.

Yes.. this is such a small list... but..

What are you thankful for?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Someone is slackin in blog land..

yup.. that would be me.

nothing all that interesting to recap.

Currently I am trying to get ready for the next few weeks that are coming up. Next weekend I get to go Tulsa (OMGOSH! I can't wait!)

The weekend after that a friend of mine is having his annual "Welcome to my Nightmare" party.. He and his wife love october... and what better month to drink a bit?? Helps keep the chill away.

Yesterday I finally gave in and gave my body exactly what it needed. Ok.. not EXACTLY.. cause it REALLY needs to win the lottery and lose a few pounds.
So I have it the second best thing! A massage. I slept better last night than I have in the past 3 months! Heaven! Pure Heaven! :)

Tomorrow is Friday!! WOO HOO!! 5:30, here I come! :)

Still obsessed with the idea of getting the bodybugg.... I can't believe how expensive it is :( After I get through the holidays.. that may be my next investment... Does anyone else have one? What do you think? I am trying to figure out if I can get by on a heart monitor for now. But I am clueless in this field... must read more on the net!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Woo HOO!

Good Job ME!!!
In the last 8 days I have hauled my butt to the gym 5 times! 5 freakin times!

Right now I am currently addicted to a certain elliptical machine. There are a few problems though.
#1 it is at the front of the gym and the whole time I am on the machine I am jamming out to whatever is blasting in my ears. (Lately my pick up the pace song is Kanye West's Stronger) When the beat goes up.. I go faster. In about 3 seconds I will go from going about 4.5 miles to 9.6 miles an hour. And all the while I am wondering if all the skinny people on the treadmills behind me are staring and thinking "wtf is that chick doing??" Did I mention the WHOLE time I mouth the words to the song. At least I don't sing in the gym shower... hehe.

#2 there are two sections separated by a walkway that the cardio machines are located in and there are 8 or 10 TV's suspended from the ceiling. You can plug your headphones into the machine and watch whatever inspires you... Because I hate the treadmill and stair climber I stay on one side and always end up getting to watched the dubbed history channel. On Tuesday this posed a problem because I was not done with my work out and the Biggest Loser came on. It was on the opposite side of the room though so I couldn't read the captioning, my little plug in was broke so I had no audio and it was killing me knowing it was on and couldn't watch it!! Thank God I remember Tivo was taping it at home. I zoned into the scenes of the history channel and broke land speed records home to see my show!

The chronicles of Me at 24 Hour Fitness... hehe. and the good times just keep coming! :)

In other news... it was snowing today. Yes.. SNOWING! How depressing....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

With a Heavy Heart.

I have been having a really hard time trying to figure out what direction to take this blog post in because I know what I want to talk about but ...
I will just keep it short and sweet.

Everyone has a person that challenged them in high school. A Bully, if you will..
When I look back on my memories I think of two people that were on the top of that list.
One, in my grade, I got the chance to see a couple years out of high school. I went back to my hometown and was in a cafe that I was eating at with a friend. He came out.. acting very happy to see me, hugged me and asked how I had been doing. It really took me off guard. At that point I held no ill will for him because we all have issues.

Fast forward to a couple years after that I attended a small get together of fellow classmates. (My graduating class was 32.. so when more than two of us get together it is a big deal :) ) This person was there again. It was very apparent from the previous time I had seen him and this current time that life had handed him a few difficult situation but he really seemed to be putting things back together. I was able to talk with him like and adult, hear how he was doing, and realized that he is just a person and High School was High School.

One Year later, to the week he died. He took his own life. I felt horrible. I was so happy I had the chance to see a good side of him and let that situation pass.. but let me tell you.. having a class reunion over a death is not a fun situation in the least.

Today I received a call. From the person that pretty much keeps in touch with everyone.
Another schoolmate.. dead. He was not in my class... but our school was so small that it really didn't matter. Everyone knew everyone else. Good and bad, for better or worse. Truth be told, For the most part I didn't have great opinions of this person. He did date one of my best friends for a couple of years. He brought honor to our small little school with State Wrestling titles, and our math teacher could always be easily distracted by trying to imitate "the Jackson Bussell" walk. His sister was in my class. I really respected their family. When I got the call today I realized I really had no ill will towards him, I hoped that he wasn't really the bully I saw him to be and how tragic such a young death is. I have thought of his family and "the good ol days" many times and it is just kind of stuck in my head.

My heart hurts for my small little hometown community that has now spread out some but still so close in so many ways. This will effect many and bring many tears.

Rest in Peace, Jackson.

Monday, September 24, 2007

When did that happen??

In looking at pictures from the last couple of times I have taken pictures with people (ie going out the other night) I see I have developed a double freakin chin!

Now.. I have always battled with my weight, however I don't think I have ever had a DOUBLE CHIN!??!

And yes.. I have been doing things about it. I have modified my eating habits significantly and I have been frequenting the gym. Now.. this double chin needs to go.

To keep me more accountable you all may be reading more about my struggle to keep me accountable. Something has got to work!
I really want one of those Body Buggs! I saw them advertised in my gym a few months ago and started reading up and it is a cool little gadget! I just wish they were not so expensive! You would think the makers of this fun little gadget would realize that those of us trying to be healthy and lose weight already spend a fortune on food (health food that is)

So.. whomever is my secret santa this year.. or Santa himself.. I would be happy to accept a BodyBugg :) hehe...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Joy and Jenn's Excellent Adventure..

The above picture is a tribute to my dear friend Miss Chasey! I miss ya girl!
We took this pic JUST for you!!! :) :) (Of course no one can do this better than you and I can drunk on a Vegas hotel room floor!)

Well.. last night was my once in about every 6 months trip to the club (aka.. private club for members) with my dear friend and roomie, Joy.

Anyhow.. a few drinks and almost a full night of dancing later... I ended up on the floor with some lady on top of my head cause a fight broke out and the guy the was dancing me thought it would be a good idea to try to keep ahold of me as everyone was falling. That was a little scary to say the least.

When It was all said and done Joy and I helped a gentleman home that she met named Travis and even drove his car home for him. Haha.. (and yes we were both sober to drive)

For all of my friends that notice I sign when I have had a drink or two... I have finally figured out why! In a loud atmosphere I can't understand anyone cause I can't hear them.. There is no volume to sign language!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My happy links for the day... Brought to you by the Letter Y (for yay!) and the number 9 (cause I said so.. no specific reason. :) )

Can you say FREAKIN' HILARIOUS?!?!? Be patient, it loads slow but SOOO worth it!

Its like Weight Watchers.. but free! Neato!

Microwaves have never been soooo fun! I really wanna try the soap and the lights:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

and here is a small public service announcement..

(just in case you missed this one on my myspace page..)

When calling a place of business LISTEN to their greeting. Let me recap a little conversation for you:
Me: XYZ Auto body and Glass, this Is Jennifer.
them: HUH?
Me: Hello! This is XYZ Auto Body and Glass, my name is Jenn, how can I help you today?
Them: Yes... I need to transfer money to my daughter's account.
Me: I'm sorry?
Them: What?
Me: Sir did you just say you would like to transfer money to your daugher's account? Do you mean you are calling to pay a bill?
Them: No.. I want you to take money from my account and put it into my daughter's bank account.
Me: Sir, I am sorry but I don't think you have reached the place you intended to call.
Them: Why the Hell not?
Me: Sir.. you have reached XYZ AUTO BODY AND GLASS.
Them: So you can't do a money transfer?
Me: No sir, though if I could help you I would be happy to, but I can't. I'm sorry.
Them: You mean this isn't ABC Bank?
Me: No sir, it isn't.
Them: Oh.. well you can't help me. *click*

Um.. ya think?


Did someone say BIGGEST LOSER?!?!?!

So.. my most favorite show is on tonight. It premiered last week! THE.BIGGEST.LOSER. its great.. I watch.. feel inspired for an hour or two.. realize I am destined to be a cow(like a mini cow maybe.. not a big BIG cow, not that there is anything wrong with that either...)... and go on until the next week. Vicious cycle, I know.. hehe.

So.. anyone else watch? what do you think of this season so far?
Jillian is back! Back in black to be exact! (Look at that! I am a poetic genius!!)
Bob is the BEST (as he always is) and Kim looks a bit tougher this season.

I can't wait.. in an hour and 20 minutes I get to watch.. already bouncing off the walls here people!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Save the world.. one click at a time...

Click. Repeat.

Save The World - One Click At A Time!

On each of these websites, you can click a button to support the cause -- each click creates funding, and costs you nothing! Bookmark these sites, and click once a day!

Click here to post this on your page or 'blog

Please tell me you are joking...

A customer called to complain about her windshield. An elderly lady, she has had it in for just about a week and it is horribly pitted. So the questioning began...
Had she:
Recently driven behind an uncovered dump truck?
Sprayed with gravel from another vehicle while driving?
Car hit by a windstorm?
Parked on the street over night?
When did she first notice damage?
etc, etc, etc...

We have still gotten no where. So we offered to have an installer come out and take a look and her windshield and see what seems to be the problem. She is insisting the glass must be replaced.. "it is cheap glass!" " Glass should last longer than a week!" "I have taken my car to the car wash, it has been cleaned and still looks horrible!"

Finally it was agreed an installer (our most experienced) would come to her home the next day so as not to cause her an inconvenience.

The installer arrives, walks up to her windshield.
"Mrs Customer.. if I am not mistaken, you told our office that you recently had your car washed, is that right?"
"Yes.. just the other day I took it to Supersonic, they washed it inside and out and do such a fine job!"
"Well ma'am, next time, you may ask them to use something other than a terry cloth towel to clean the inside of your windshield"

He grabbed a can of glass cleaner and a towel and proceeded to clean off all the lint from the terry cloth towel, and wouldn't you know it?!?!?!?!? Clear as crystal!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vibrant Views!

Yesterday, my best friend and I ventured out of the house with her brand new angel. We decided the Farmer's Market in downtown Salt Lake would be a great place to go. So I got up early on a Saturday *please restrain yourself from falling over in shock* and we drove over. Ericka slept through the whole thing in her stroller! But she still got plenty of attention of the "ohh.. ahh.. cute!!" "Look how little she is" and "how old is she?!?!" I love that new little niece of mine! The weather was perfect, it wasn't too hot and it was just what I needed!

I love going to places like this where people's creativity is on blatant display. It inspires me. Of course their were lots of fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, jams, etc... Journals made of old book covers, homemade soaps, jewelry could easily be found every few steps. I was in heaven.

While meandering I came across a local artist. I saw her artwork from yards away and was drawn to it. I had to pick up a card. These were all done by local artist Leslie Killinger. You can see her artwork on her site HERE. I think I may be investing in artwork soon. It just makes me so happy just to look at it.

Being out and about inspired creativity yesterday. I came home and turned Garden State on, camped out on the couch and crocheted! I finished an entire scarf last night. I think I need to take up knitting though.. it just looks intriguing. :)

Today should be a fun filled day of laundry, organizing and cleaning out the car. You can count on the fact that while I may be struggling through the horrible tasks of such.. aka the evils of the week.. I am going to track down some great music to listen to in the process. Thank god for ipod! :)

Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

yes.. people are THAT brilliant

As many of you may or may not know.. I work in the automotive industry. Specifically.... automotive glass for the most part.

One customer that had her windshield replaced last week called yesterday. It seemed as though her glass (windshield) was entirely pitted. She was quite upset that she just obtained this new windshield last week and it was already pitted so we asked her the typical questions... have you been driving behind a gravel truck recently? Sprayed with rocks from the road? parked your car on the street over night? etc

No, she says.. none of those things.

I send an installer out to inspect the problem.

Installer "Miracle, I just took at this lady's windshield"

Me: "Ok.. so what is going on with it"

Installer: "You are never going to believe it" (laughing)

Me: "what now? Are we going to have to replace it? Is it defective? What is going on?"

Installer: "Her glasses were dirty."

Me: "WHAT!??!"

Installer: "Yup her glasses were dirty, but she thought it was the windshield"

Me: (laughing so hard I couldn't talk)

Still laughing...


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dance Magic Dance!

Blast from the past... hehehe..
And I will admit it.. I used to have a crush on the Goblin King ...What was I thinking? LOL!

I love this clip!!

One of my all time fave movie moments... this movie just inspires me. If you haven't watched Garden State... GO! NOW!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I am on a book spree! is such a dangerous place. When I am bored and craving a good book... there I go!

With the click of a button I can have all sorts of books on my doorstep for whatever suits my fancy that day...

I finished the Twilight series by Stephanie Myer
I passed it onto a friend who polished off the books in about two weeks.
I was at the spa, getting a pedicure with said friend and look over at a lady reading a book. I only saw one word on her page, asked what she was reading... sure enough.. Twilight! I hear it has outsold Harry Potter! That is awesome!

Now.. downstairs.. waiting for my reading pleasure is Angela's Ashes. Has anyone else read this? What did you think?

On order I have:
Hip Tranquil Chick by Kimberly Wilson
Journal to the Self by Kathleen Adams
Girl Seeks Bliss by Nicole Beland

I guess I am on a self discovery kick lately. Anyone else have some "Must Reads" to suggest? I am all ears....

In other news... One of my best friends had her baby Tuesday. What an overwhelming thing and what a little miracle this little girl is! It was a schedule C section.. so we had half the day to do as we please. We started off by breakfast at IHOP (she had to stop eating at 9am) that only succeeded in turning her hubby all shades of green while his sister talked about her C section just a few months ago. Poor guy! And of course... this baby couldn't come into the world without mommy and auntie Jenn having the cutest feet ever! I thought the poor asian lady at the nail place was going to have a fit when we walked in. She asked my friend when she was having the baby and was told "TODAY!" She told my friend she should just go have the baby! hehe...

Well..I am off to enjoy a long hot bath complete with Enya and bath salts followed by a wonderfully relaxing slumber. Love and hugs to all!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am getting to that age...

OH boy...
So.. what does it say that I am 26 and in the state of Utah (yes this is a qualifying thing because life as a younger single person is TOTALLY different here) and single with no kids? It says... I haven't gotten that far yet. I still can't stop thinking about the fact that a good friend of mine is getting married (and I am totally excited for her!!!) One of my best friends who has been such for about 7 years is not only married but having a baby next Tuesday! And another one of my best friends... totally established kick ass career, everyone respects and adores her and she has set up a great life for herself. Here is Miracle. Right here. and I am ok with it.
Some times anyway.

OK... I am having serious issues with my best friend having her first baby. We are talking SERIOUS issues.
I need to get to making new friends... oy vey!

And in other news.. can we all say HALLELUJAH?!??!?! End of month is almost upon us which means it is almost over. LOVE IT! :) In any sort of sales industry I think we all hate the last day of the month. I am no exception. So.. tomorrow.... 5:30ish... SEND CHOCOLATE ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I think I am REALLY liking this guy....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

3 books in 4 days!

I happen into the bookstore the other day. BAD idea. I am thinking I am going to walk out with a quick read to distract me for a couple hours and instead I find THIS.
I walk up to the display as the cover intrigues me. (Don't always listen to "don't judge a book by its cover") I walk over to examine to have two girls that are a year or two younger than me walk straight through the front door and hasten to the display. I watch through the corner of my eye as they rush for the 3rd book and ask how they felt about the series. One girl grinned excitedly while the other exclaimed "let me put it this way... I started the first book on my plane from Seattle yesterday morning and here I am buying the 3rd book!"
OK! So I bought the first book to test the waters. I let it set and start it about 5pm the next day. At 10:30 I closed it. I was really kicking myself for not buying two and three at that point. So at lunch I went and bought the next two. They just sucked me in! (no pun intended) I pretty much got nothing done for 3 1/2 days except going to work, sleeping and reading. Thank goodness I don't own dogs.. they might have starved by now. (joking people... just joking)
The fourth book doesn't come out for a year, A WHOLE FREAKIN YEAR!!! UGH!!! Talk about drive me out of my mind.

Guess I am going to have to read the Anita Blake Series by Laurell K Hamilton again to keep me distracted for a couple of weeks and go from there.

Creative mood..

It is school supply time, so what better time to invest in brand spanking new.... COLORED PENCILS!!

Yes.. I am a nerd. I have an obesession with office supplies. New notebooks, pens, colored pencils, post its, glue, etc.... Target had a great deal on colored pencils and I stopped off at the dollar store for coloring books.
This afternoon has been filled with Strawberry Shortcake pictures and Smallville season one and I LOVE it! :)

Now I want a Baby Muppets or Baby Disney coloring book... hehehe!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bed Sweet Bed!

I have just returned from two weeks of house sitting! I have never missed my own bed soooo much.

Sleep.. sweet unadulterated sleep!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oops I forgot

Well time to get a blog out again. My vacation ended up being 4 exciting days in Idaho. (contain your excitement, I know hehe) but it was better than nothing.

But it has got me thinking about what I could do.. if there were no limits. If I wasn't working in the field I am and had unlimited options... what shall I do?

What would you do if you had to do it all over again? I am interested to hear what everyone thinks.

I made it through another month end, by the skin of my teeth, on the brink of an anxiety attack all day. Thank GOD it is over.. Working in a sales oriented field... I hate the last day of the month. It still stumps me to this day that my boss is so freakin hyper. That is probably cause her workflow isn't interrupted and people aren't questioning her work all day long. Or maybe it is her ODing on Dr Pepper. :) I may have to try that next month...
Yea.. I need to get out of sales, that is for sure.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Now I gotta cut loose.....

For those of you wondering where Lehi, Utah is... let me just say one word.


That is right.. Footloose was shot in these dear little town. Lehi Rollers Mills is where the dance took place and where the main character worked. There is a made up sign for the church in one scene that is by a little underpass. I drive by it every day (though the sign is no longer there..)

For some reason I had the song stuck in my head to I had to go buy the ever classic movie... and it is pretty cool to see. I love watching movies when I can spot all the locations in the movie.

Touched by An Angel used to film ALL the time right next to my ex-boyfriends house. Though, when they did it drove me pretty insane because they weren't quiet about it and generally did it only at night and the wee hours of the morning.

Malidano Miracle (I hope that is how you spell that) was shooting down in Eureka and many of the scenes they shot were shot in a friend's Grandfather's buildings. We would sit upstairs while they were filming downstairs or watch across the street while they shot at the church.

When I was working at my previous job one of my clients was frequently an extra on shows filmed locally and also landed small parts. Her daughters did the same. She came in one time telling me that he daughter co stared with Edward Furlong when he was starting out and she had never kissed anyone. Her first kiss was Edward Fulong on screen.. I think I would be nervously sick about that. I guess she got teased about it for quite sometime. Though, now I am sure all the girls are jealous.

So those are my great star/ famous stories of the day...
Join me again next time when I find something interesting to talk about... ;)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

About that time for another blog...

I finally figured out what I am doing on vacation!
Here I go to Tulsa... in my car! (Yea.. I am not sure what I was thinking either)
There will be a couple of stops on the way but I am pretty stoked! Now, if only Kansas wasn't in my way! :)

This weekend I am spending all my time getting ready.
Is it Friday yet? :)v

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Miracle... The Writer???

Do you remember those handwriting books we all had to use in elementary school? BIG FAT WRITING LINES with a big - - - - - - dashed line in the middle so you could practice your cursive letters? I used to take an entire notebook of those and turn them into my own story books. I would write a story book and every othr page would be an intricate and beautiful and colorful crayon drawing illustrating the story.. all done by yours truly. I used to take them into my teacher and ask to read them... I don't remember anything about the particular story lines but I have a snapshot in my brain of a page with a character named "The mum of dum" and I remember the illustration of this person in a red striped suit (much like a jailbird type suit) that was chained to the wall. And I remember the Mum of Dum was a bad guy.. so there ya go.. Jenn's random memory of the day. Don't think that qualifies me as a writer, but it does attest to the fact that I once had a creative mind :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Welcome to the wideworld of podcasts!!

I LOVE books on tape while I am doing things around the house. Imagine my excitement when I discovered the concept of podcasts (yes.. I know.. two steps behind the times...hehe) I load my ipod up at night and listen as I work out, as I drive, as I cook.

Here is a little gem I found:

Even if you aren't into yoga at all.. there is lots of gems to be found in this hip, tranquil chick's podcasts. She talks about journaling, traveling, beauty, health etc... it is a chick flick of a website but it just sucked me in. I am currently working on listening to every single podcast. I'll let you know when I find another that intrigues me :) heh.

I am very proud of myself today. I woke up early and walked approx 3 miles by 7am this morning! WOO HOO! and did I mention I made it to the gym yesterday? Yes! Me! The Gym!! I even lifted *gasp* weights. My arms were killing me today.

That was a great way to start the day. Sadly I had to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled. I really wonder if there is a class at dentist school that teaches dentist "hand-drill-water squirty thingy- and suction thingy-in mouth language" My lord! To finish it up with my mouth half numb was great fun too. Swallowing water and only feeling it half way just made me more thirsty. I can't explain it!

So here is to a great start of my week...and hopefully a great start to yours!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

7-7-7 is coming!

A friend pointed out to me that it will soon be 07-07-07. I think I need to have a lucky 7 party. I wish I would have thought of it before!!! Too fun!

Well my favorite holiday is just days away. Who can resist Independence Day? The BBQ's, warm weather, good friends, and THE FIREWORKS!! WOOO HOOO!!!

The roomie is going out of town this week and I don't have many friends left that are unattached or childless or both so.. I am a little sad about that:(

So.. that is about all going on with me for the moment. Still trying to figure out what to do on my vacation in a few weeks...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm in LOVE!!

So Tall..

So dark..


Smooth in all the right spots...

Intriguing enough to be entranced for hours and hours...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in LOVE!

Today I made my first journey to IKEA!!! That place is a wonderland!!!
I can't believe the things they have, the furniture, the designs, the gadgets and for CHEAP!!!!
If you haven't heard me for days you could probably find me wandering around in the newly built Ikea in Utah. Now I get what the hu-bub is all about!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh blog-dee, Oh Blog-daaa... Life goes on......

I went out of town this weekend. WOOO HOOO!!! I went to Idaho. I know, it sounds less than exciting but I loved it!! The more I get to know my father, the more I respect him for the person he has become. When I met him for the first time 7 years ago I was so wrapped up in processing everything that things were just so complicated. The last two times I have gone up to see my family I get another perspective, another glimpse and it makes me realize that there is always something to learn from someone.
Anyway.. pretty much I spent most of the weekend hanging out with the fam and at a bar owned by my dad's girlfriend. It was really laid back, pretty fun for the most part. Every time I go up I find myself wishing I had more time to stay.

And in other news.. I am still watching reruns of "The Biggest Loser"
So far, I have lost three pounds. It is such an inspirational show!! I don't know what I am going to do when I am caught up on all the seasons... but in the meantime I will keep watching and watching. I Love it!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vacation Options..

FINALLY!!! I get to take a vacation in July. Not just a long weekend but ONE FULL WEEK off!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!

There are so many things I would love to do with the time but sadly many are not realistic. If I had the means and mulah.. I would go to a destination spa for a week. That would be pure heaven.
But... considering the cost for one week at the spa.. I'm not seeing that happening unless I win the lottery. (And allow me to point out there is no lottery in this fine state)

So my current realistic options are:
A. Stay at home on the couch and watch tv for a week
B. Take a small road trip. (small due to the gas prices)
C. Become a fixture for a week at the gym and work out till I can't take it anymore. Id like to do this to get over the initial "UGH I hate this!!" phase.
D. Wait until the night or two before and check out the last minute trips offered. The bad thing, these are usually based on double occupancy.

So far those are what are on the list. Still working on brainstorming.
It is still a month from now, I still have a bit more time.
Thank goodness!!!
Any suggestions??

Monday, June 11, 2007

My new addiction...

I have a new addiction.

What is it??? you ask?

Chocolate? No.
A new kind of wine? Nope.
A state of the art video game? Nadda.

My guilty pleasure is.........

"The Biggest Loser" reruns!
What an amazing show!! This show is changing people's lives! I have been watching reruns on the Style Network and Bravo. How inspiring!!!!

I am not usually a reality TV fan. For the most part, my tv watching extends to Grey's Anatomy once a week while it is on and that is about it. One night I was home alone and bored. I just wanted to relax. I turned the TV on and there it was!!

Having been overweight for quite some time, I can relate to so many emotions on this show. It has made me cry, it has made me laugh. It just inspires me. While I probably won't be on any seasons in the coming years... it has truly lifted my spirits and made me believe that much more.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Today started my adventure in cycling.
I bought a roadbike. Now shoosh.. don't laugh!

Today I had my first experience with clipless pedals. They aren't as fun as they sound. Trust me.

For those of you not familiar with road bikes let me explain. Basically there is an attachment to the bottom of your shoe and the pedal is tiny. You have to put your shoe onto the pedal and once positioned correctly and with enough pressure applied you shoe locks into your pedal. You must turn your foot to the side for it to release otherwise the pedal just goes with your foot.

Luckily, a dear friend of mine is showing me the ropes. We went to a parking lot and practiced. First time on the bike and BAM!!! down on the ground. Turns out you have to release your foot from the pedal BEFORE you brake. If you brake and don't remove your feet, you stop and there is no balance. Hence the pavement and my butt becoming close friends.

After practicing about fifty times we went on a road out by the airport that is fairly desolate and rode. My friend claims it was about an eight mile ride. I am thinking it was probably about two. Hopefully next time I will be less worried about my sore butt and burning legs to actually pay attention to my mileage!

I have a feeling I am going to be able to fear every muscle of my body tomorrow. Who is bringing me advil!?!?

I'm back in Blogland!

Here I am! I missed blogging, so I am back.

There is something very soothing and therapeutic about blogging.
I can't afford a therapist, so how about I blog instead?