Sunday, July 22, 2007

Now I gotta cut loose.....

For those of you wondering where Lehi, Utah is... let me just say one word.


That is right.. Footloose was shot in these dear little town. Lehi Rollers Mills is where the dance took place and where the main character worked. There is a made up sign for the church in one scene that is by a little underpass. I drive by it every day (though the sign is no longer there..)

For some reason I had the song stuck in my head to I had to go buy the ever classic movie... and it is pretty cool to see. I love watching movies when I can spot all the locations in the movie.

Touched by An Angel used to film ALL the time right next to my ex-boyfriends house. Though, when they did it drove me pretty insane because they weren't quiet about it and generally did it only at night and the wee hours of the morning.

Malidano Miracle (I hope that is how you spell that) was shooting down in Eureka and many of the scenes they shot were shot in a friend's Grandfather's buildings. We would sit upstairs while they were filming downstairs or watch across the street while they shot at the church.

When I was working at my previous job one of my clients was frequently an extra on shows filmed locally and also landed small parts. Her daughters did the same. She came in one time telling me that he daughter co stared with Edward Furlong when he was starting out and she had never kissed anyone. Her first kiss was Edward Fulong on screen.. I think I would be nervously sick about that. I guess she got teased about it for quite sometime. Though, now I am sure all the girls are jealous.

So those are my great star/ famous stories of the day...
Join me again next time when I find something interesting to talk about... ;)