Monday, September 17, 2007

Please tell me you are joking...

A customer called to complain about her windshield. An elderly lady, she has had it in for just about a week and it is horribly pitted. So the questioning began...
Had she:
Recently driven behind an uncovered dump truck?
Sprayed with gravel from another vehicle while driving?
Car hit by a windstorm?
Parked on the street over night?
When did she first notice damage?
etc, etc, etc...

We have still gotten no where. So we offered to have an installer come out and take a look and her windshield and see what seems to be the problem. She is insisting the glass must be replaced.. "it is cheap glass!" " Glass should last longer than a week!" "I have taken my car to the car wash, it has been cleaned and still looks horrible!"

Finally it was agreed an installer (our most experienced) would come to her home the next day so as not to cause her an inconvenience.

The installer arrives, walks up to her windshield.
"Mrs Customer.. if I am not mistaken, you told our office that you recently had your car washed, is that right?"
"Yes.. just the other day I took it to Supersonic, they washed it inside and out and do such a fine job!"
"Well ma'am, next time, you may ask them to use something other than a terry cloth towel to clean the inside of your windshield"

He grabbed a can of glass cleaner and a towel and proceeded to clean off all the lint from the terry cloth towel, and wouldn't you know it?!?!?!?!? Clear as crystal!



Jenny said...

Ha! I love it.

(although it's totally the kind of thing I would do.)


Chase said...

Whoa. Jenny posted on your blog. That's like....BIG TIME!

I love Jenny. I stalk her.

Miracle said...

Yay! I am in the bigtime now! :) I just discovered Jenny's blog... I can see why you stalk her! haha!

Look out Jenny.. your stalkers's union... er.. um I mean.. your fan club is forming :)