Monday, August 24, 2009

I hate to admit it...

But I watched The Hannah Montana Movie.. and... I Liked it.


So.. my foot is doing better. Though the Doc is beating the crap out of my foot on more than a weekly basis! I am feeling optimistic about the walk again! I also bought new shoes for the walk :) They seem to be helping my feet. I just hope I can get these suckers broken in! I hope I am not doing all of this in vain.. the fundraising isn't going so great :( here is hopin'!

My man is in Portland for a week and I already miss him. I don't know what it is, but just knowing he isn't within a decent driving distance makes me antsy. I know he is having a blast with his friend.. I wouldn't have it any other way!

This last weekend we (as in my teammate and I) walked about 20 miles. We got off pretty light. This weekend it is 18 Miles Saturday and 16 miles on Sunday. WOOO... If you are in the Salt Lake area and get up at a decent hour, you are welcome to join us! We need all the moral support we can get! If you haven't donated yet and would like to, please visit, click "donate", and search for "Jennifer Richardson"

I am actually very thankful that it has been cooler lately, but I know I am not the only one who can see Winter will hit hard and fast! Better buy ice claws or something for the bottom of my walking shoes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Let me start this blog by saying that Pink has NEVER been my favorite color. Up until about a year ago, I did not own one single thing that involved the color pink. As far as I was concerned, pink can stay where it belongs... in sunsets and sunrises :)

In honor of the 3day walk and Breast Cancer Awareness I have been wearing my 3day pin, a breast cancer ribbon, and as of yesterday I have dawned pink fingernails. Everytime I see them, I cringe! I swear it looks like I have cotton candy on my hands. Days before the walk I will be putting a pink streak in my hair. I will be purchasing pink tshirts for the walk... my life is being invaded by pink. So far, it has grown on me a little bit. I may come home from Seattle quite a sight, with a whole new wardrobe! Haha.. not likely, but one never knows....

I am back to being able to walk even though I am still having fun with Plantar Fasciitis. I went to the New Balance Store last night, only to discover that among other things, I am wearing the wrong shoes!! So my goal for the day is to figure out how to come up with money for new ones and insoles... I am glad I discovered this four weeks out instead of the day of!!!

Of to work I go...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Limpin' along..

Hiya Everyone! I am actively training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk! Saturday I walked 17 miles!! I got up with my teammate at 4:30 so we could start walking at 5. It took us 7 hours and 50 minutes to complete 17 miles but we did it! My teammate planned the route very well except for the very end. The last 2 miles had no bathroom. I could be heard going down the street praying very loudly "Please DEAR GOD let there be a church!! PLEASE?!?! PLEASE?!?!" Luckily, as we are in Utah, there WAS a church and it was open. You have never seen such a pathetic person as a woman who is about to pee her pants!

When we were done my foot was in some pain. So I took a bit of a break and took a short five mile walk. I woke up this morning and couldn't put weight on my foot. The insta-care told me it was plantar fasciitus. From my understanding, it is basically tendonitis of the foot. Boo. Here's hoping for a fast recovery. Until then I will be best friends with an ice pack and an ace bandage.

I am four weeks from my walk and I am starting to get nervous. I am still determined to make 60 miles in three days. Seattle, here I come!!!