Thursday, March 19, 2009

My favorite kudos of the day...

Being new back to the job... I have received quite a few compliments ( I speculate that is it more because they were trying to woo me back/ keep me happy... more than anything else) but loving these people as much as I do, I do believe they are for the most part sincere.

Today someone said to me "I love your intensity"

It made me smile. It just makes me want to be that much more intense and work that much harder. :)

What was the best compliment you received this week? What made you smile?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In need of..

I am in need of some new healthy recipes!
I have been eating horribly lately and need to get back to a more whole foods, lower processed foods, nutritional way of eating.
After starting my new job on Monday all I have eaten is JUNK.. cookies, candies, carbs, sugar, processed everything... bleh!

I need some new healthy, interesting, and somewhat easy recipes. Any ideas?

BIG Changes

Hello friends!
Wow. The last two weeks have brought an amazing amount of change. If you would have asked me about a month ago if I ever EVER thought I would be working for my previous company, I would have give you a very FIRM and unmistakable "NO".

But a set of circumstances that are almost beyond my belief proved a few things to me.
1. Karma... is real.
2. Treat others how you would like to be treated
3. Handle all you do with honestly and respect
4. Be careful what bridges your burn

In the last few weeks I have witnessed a situation come full circle. I am now back working with some of the most amazing people and so far I have woken up early two days in a row because I am so excited to go to work. (That probably won't last long, but SERIOUSLY who EVER looks forward to work on a Monday?!!? ME!!! YESTERDAY!!)

I have been given a great opportunity. One I could not pass up. I am sad to leave my last job behind but look to the future with much excitement and anticipation.

I have never really witnessed anything come full circle in a time frame any less than a few years. I personally witnessed it in the last few weeks (taking place in a matter of just a few months) and it gives me a renewed faith in all that is right and good. Don't lose hope.

Have a wonderful week! Namaste.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thought For the Day.

What Goes Around....

Comes Around.

That concept is making itself exceptionally clear to me this week. In every aspect of my life, I am seeing this. I have never really seen it before. Now that I am, I find it interesting.
What you put into this universe comes back. I have tried extra hard to do so in my relationship and this week really had an "ah-hah" moment! For me, anyway.

I am so blessed to have someone to love me soooo much!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Calm after the storm..

Today is Sunday. Can you guess where I am?

My laundry needs to be done.
My room needs to be cleaned.
I have a million little small projects to work on.
I need to run to the store and buy some make up before I scare the shivers out of my coworkers and accounts tomorrow.


I have to pick my man up from the airport tonight at 9. Eventually I need to pack a bag and get moving. For right now, I am totally at peace and needed a day for my mind to relax. To regroup. To smile.

Some days I wonder if I need more "me" time than the average person. And then I realize the only time I think that is when I am not getting enough me time in. So it isn't that I need too much, it is just that I need to get some then and there!
The last week has been filled with drama, some arguing and growing pains with the love of my life, rumors, busy busy work stuff, and lack of sleep from staying up half the night coughing. Today is just what I needed. Some calm after the storm.

This week I bought some fresh ginger root. I heard it helps coughs and I can't seem to kick mine after three weeks even though I don't feel sick at all anymore. I cut it into little tiny pieces and put it in hot water with some agave nectar and it is YUMMY! I highly suggest it, if you like ginger!

Get some me time in today. Five minutes or five hours, but either way.. bring a smile to your face!

Happy Sunday beautiful people!