Thursday, July 5, 2007

Miracle... The Writer???

Do you remember those handwriting books we all had to use in elementary school? BIG FAT WRITING LINES with a big - - - - - - dashed line in the middle so you could practice your cursive letters? I used to take an entire notebook of those and turn them into my own story books. I would write a story book and every othr page would be an intricate and beautiful and colorful crayon drawing illustrating the story.. all done by yours truly. I used to take them into my teacher and ask to read them... I don't remember anything about the particular story lines but I have a snapshot in my brain of a page with a character named "The mum of dum" and I remember the illustration of this person in a red striped suit (much like a jailbird type suit) that was chained to the wall. And I remember the Mum of Dum was a bad guy.. so there ya go.. Jenn's random memory of the day. Don't think that qualifies me as a writer, but it does attest to the fact that I once had a creative mind :)