Monday, September 24, 2007

When did that happen??

In looking at pictures from the last couple of times I have taken pictures with people (ie going out the other night) I see I have developed a double freakin chin!

Now.. I have always battled with my weight, however I don't think I have ever had a DOUBLE CHIN!??!

And yes.. I have been doing things about it. I have modified my eating habits significantly and I have been frequenting the gym. Now.. this double chin needs to go.

To keep me more accountable you all may be reading more about my struggle to keep me accountable. Something has got to work!
I really want one of those Body Buggs! I saw them advertised in my gym a few months ago and started reading up and it is a cool little gadget! I just wish they were not so expensive! You would think the makers of this fun little gadget would realize that those of us trying to be healthy and lose weight already spend a fortune on food (health food that is)

So.. whomever is my secret santa this year.. or Santa himself.. I would be happy to accept a BodyBugg :) hehe...