Tuesday, September 18, 2007

and here is a small public service announcement..

(just in case you missed this one on my myspace page..)

When calling a place of business LISTEN to their greeting. Let me recap a little conversation for you:
Me: XYZ Auto body and Glass, this Is Jennifer.
them: HUH?
Me: Hello! This is XYZ Auto Body and Glass, my name is Jenn, how can I help you today?
Them: Yes... I need to transfer money to my daughter's account.
Me: I'm sorry?
Them: What?
Me: Sir did you just say you would like to transfer money to your daugher's account? Do you mean you are calling to pay a bill?
Them: No.. I want you to take money from my account and put it into my daughter's bank account.
Me: Sir, I am sorry but I don't think you have reached the place you intended to call.
Them: Why the Hell not?
Me: Sir.. you have reached XYZ AUTO BODY AND GLASS.
Them: So you can't do a money transfer?
Me: No sir, though if I could help you I would be happy to, but I can't. I'm sorry.
Them: You mean this isn't ABC Bank?
Me: No sir, it isn't.
Them: Oh.. well you can't help me. *click*

Um.. ya think?



Chase said...

Ok. This is hilarious. Ya know how I posted before that I didn't realize that I was posting on your blog?

Well, I read this entry earlier in my bloglines. After I read it, I was thinking, "I need to find what blog that was on so I can forward it to Jenn...she'd totally get a kick out of that!"

My GOD I'm losing it. Hahahah!

Miracle said...

You are such a nerd!! But I luv ya! :) haha...