Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vacation Options..

FINALLY!!! I get to take a vacation in July. Not just a long weekend but ONE FULL WEEK off!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!

There are so many things I would love to do with the time but sadly many are not realistic. If I had the means and mulah.. I would go to a destination spa for a week. That would be pure heaven.
But... considering the cost for one week at the spa.. I'm not seeing that happening unless I win the lottery. (And allow me to point out there is no lottery in this fine state)

So my current realistic options are:
A. Stay at home on the couch and watch tv for a week
B. Take a small road trip. (small due to the gas prices)
C. Become a fixture for a week at the gym and work out till I can't take it anymore. Id like to do this to get over the initial "UGH I hate this!!" phase.
D. Wait until the night or two before and check out the last minute trips offered. The bad thing, these are usually based on double occupancy.

So far those are what are on the list. Still working on brainstorming.
It is still a month from now, I still have a bit more time.
Thank goodness!!!
Any suggestions??