Monday, October 29, 2007

My new goal..

This has got to be the coolest place EVER!!

My new goal is to get to Fitness Ridge by February of 2008! One week.
Someone better hold me to it. If I had the mulah and the time off I would be there next week. That is how badly I want to go!!

In the meantime I am going to have to enjoy kicking the dumb asthma cough.

In other news...
I watched The Family Stone last night. I have seen previews for it a few times and saw an all-star cast... so I figured that it can't totally suck. I was soooo right! I sat in front of the TV with my knitting (hush you!) and laughed out loud, got super emotional (didn't quite cry) and actually had a moment where I wished I was in a relationship. Scary.. I know!

Who watched Grey's last week? Was I the only one that was totally depressed that Ava left again? She needs to be on the show long term!! Alex needs a love interest cause lord knows I am SOOO sick of the Izzy/ George and Meredith/ Derrick story line!

And last but not least.. THE BIGGEST LOSER!! Soo much drama in last week's episode! Such a shame that people sink so low for personal gain. My faves are still Hollie (GO HOLLIE!) Julie and.. BOB! :) hehe.

I got my tea last week! It is called Mulberry Yellow tea... aka Phellinus Linteus ( I don't know about you but that aka sounds like either A. Some obsession with something Phallic or B. Some stuffy uptight trust fund guy with old parents that gave him some obscure family name.) Anyway..
it is very light tasting and I actually enjoy it. It helped my congestion by leaps and bounds. It took the edge off of my cough as well. I highly suggest it... read the research at I am going to continue with it and report my results

Now I am off to check my email and make some ugly yarn creation called a blanket :)


Jenny said...

Ugh. the asthma cough.

I know that sound.

Muse said...

Grey's is my Fav show!
I was also getting upset with some of their writing but after hearing Alex make the "I'm hung up on someone else" comment just know Eva IS coming back. My thought is that she comes back and "little" Grey gets all jealous. :)