Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vibrant Views!

Yesterday, my best friend and I ventured out of the house with her brand new angel. We decided the Farmer's Market in downtown Salt Lake would be a great place to go. So I got up early on a Saturday *please restrain yourself from falling over in shock* and we drove over. Ericka slept through the whole thing in her stroller! But she still got plenty of attention of the "ohh.. ahh.. cute!!" "Look how little she is" and "how old is she?!?!" I love that new little niece of mine! The weather was perfect, it wasn't too hot and it was just what I needed!

I love going to places like this where people's creativity is on blatant display. It inspires me. Of course their were lots of fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, jams, etc... Journals made of old book covers, homemade soaps, jewelry could easily be found every few steps. I was in heaven.

While meandering I came across a local artist. I saw her artwork from yards away and was drawn to it. I had to pick up a card. These were all done by local artist Leslie Killinger. You can see her artwork on her site HERE. I think I may be investing in artwork soon. It just makes me so happy just to look at it.

Being out and about inspired creativity yesterday. I came home and turned Garden State on, camped out on the couch and crocheted! I finished an entire scarf last night. I think I need to take up knitting though.. it just looks intriguing. :)

Today should be a fun filled day of laundry, organizing and cleaning out the car. You can count on the fact that while I may be struggling through the horrible tasks of such.. aka the evils of the week.. I am going to track down some great music to listen to in the process. Thank god for ipod! :)

Have a great week everyone!!