Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did someone say BIGGEST LOSER?!?!?!

So.. my most favorite show is on tonight. It premiered last week! THE.BIGGEST.LOSER. its great.. I watch.. feel inspired for an hour or two.. realize I am destined to be a cow(like a mini cow maybe.. not a big BIG cow, not that there is anything wrong with that either...)... and go on until the next week. Vicious cycle, I know.. hehe.

So.. anyone else watch? what do you think of this season so far?
Jillian is back! Back in black to be exact! (Look at that! I am a poetic genius!!)
Bob is the BEST (as he always is) and Kim looks a bit tougher this season.

I can't wait.. in an hour and 20 minutes I get to watch.. already bouncing off the walls here people!


Chase said...

I don't watch it...but, um, Bob is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Tango kinda looks like him. But not as ripped as he is. LOL

Miracle said...

Bob is SOOO hot! and he likes Yoga! Rarr!
*sigh* all the good ones are taken... lol!

Gypsy Girl said...

I have to say I almost NEVER watch TV. But I got hooked on Biggest Loser a few years ago. I cry during the last episodes when they weigh in and show the big blob pics from the first days. And the last show is soooo great!!Amazing what a human can do. the transitions are awesome.
Love this years so far. Glad Jillian is back Whoohooo!!