Sunday, September 23, 2007

Joy and Jenn's Excellent Adventure..

The above picture is a tribute to my dear friend Miss Chasey! I miss ya girl!
We took this pic JUST for you!!! :) :) (Of course no one can do this better than you and I can drunk on a Vegas hotel room floor!)

Well.. last night was my once in about every 6 months trip to the club (aka.. private club for members) with my dear friend and roomie, Joy.

Anyhow.. a few drinks and almost a full night of dancing later... I ended up on the floor with some lady on top of my head cause a fight broke out and the guy the was dancing me thought it would be a good idea to try to keep ahold of me as everyone was falling. That was a little scary to say the least.

When It was all said and done Joy and I helped a gentleman home that she met named Travis and even drove his car home for him. Haha.. (and yes we were both sober to drive)

For all of my friends that notice I sign when I have had a drink or two... I have finally figured out why! In a loud atmosphere I can't understand anyone cause I can't hear them.. There is no volume to sign language!


Jenny said...

Oh that picture! It just proves that we should go drinking together.

You're so my kind of girl.

Miracle said...

Jenny!! I totally agree :) That would be a BLAST!
Yea.. I need to get out more...

Chasey said...

Awww! The picture!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

And if you go drinking with Jenny...I'M SO THERE. (She's invited to the wedding...maybe she'll show up?) ;)

Miracle said...

I am SO in! :)

Jenny said...

I'm totally going to be at the wedding. And I'll probably be drinking. Two stone.

Miracle said...

OMG! It is going to be too fun for words!!! :) eeeek!
And we can party like rockstars...
Now I just need to take some dance lessons.