Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Green thumb wannabe!

Let me start this blog by saying... I think I probably still have black thumbs. Last time I checked, I did. With all this "going green" and the fact that I have been increasing my fruit and veggie intake by volumes in the last year, I want a garden!!!
Bell peppers
zucchini (but not the typical 30000000 just a plant or two)
maybe tomatoes
etc etc etc

So I think that I am going to get a veggie garden for dummies book, and start reading.
Or I may do THIS. I live in a duplex and the neighbors are actually my landlords. So I want to go ask if I can plant a garden at one corner of the property if I promise to share.. but if they say no, I want to put the square foot gardening on my patio. I pretty much just think it is supercool!

I also heard today that if one (one being ME!) wants an herb garden that I should be planting that right about now. I better get a book on that too....

I am putting positive thoughts into the universe that my black thumbs are new and improved green ones, or that the magical garden fairy will just help me out this year :)

Do you have any input? Do you have a veggie or herb garden? Did it turn out how you thought? Any tips or suggestions you can offer me?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So true, So true

I Heart Christine Kane. She's so real!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Snowflakes keep fallin' on my head...

Last weekend, I had the privileged of spending time with quality individuals. My man has a cabin in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Once a year a group of us goes up and snowmobiles into the cabin and the snowmobiles ALL weekend. (Don't worry, I won't grace you with the scary picture of me that are four days in with no shower or running water.. akkk!)
On the last day in the beautiful Uintas, we decided to take one last "short" ride where the guys proceeded to get one of the sleds stuck. While I was waiting patiently and helping others take pictures and video to document the occasion (because it was TRULY boneheaded!) I did something that I haven't done in a long time...

I looked at snowflakes. Individal little snowflakes. Beautiful crystal formations. It was truly breathtaking. The last time I stopped to do this was well over 10+ years ago. I had forgotten what a treat that can be. To enjoy the stillness, and observe such beauty. So... here is my challenge to you. Stop and look at the little things, take a deep breath and see what you see. It may just make your day :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A magical little pot...

Yes, my friends, I have joined the ranks of Neti pot converts! I have been sick all week and thought it couldn't hurt to try it... and bought one. I was telling my roomie about it and she had a totally blank look on her face. I said "you know... to rinse your sinuses?"
With a look of recognition, she says "OH! is that the one where the end is shaped like a Penis!?!? I always wondered about those."

Yea... well... now the unfortunate thing is that I keep thinking about that statement everytime I use the Neti pot. I have to restrain myself from the laughter that threatens for fear that water is going to come shooting out of my tear duct or something...

It is a bit harder to use when one is in the middle of their cold and all stuffed up, but it was still a wonderful process, so long as I close my eyes and not watch everything come out *gag!*

So... now you know... I have a Neti Pot, I use it. How about you?