Saturday, September 29, 2007

Woo HOO!

Good Job ME!!!
In the last 8 days I have hauled my butt to the gym 5 times! 5 freakin times!

Right now I am currently addicted to a certain elliptical machine. There are a few problems though.
#1 it is at the front of the gym and the whole time I am on the machine I am jamming out to whatever is blasting in my ears. (Lately my pick up the pace song is Kanye West's Stronger) When the beat goes up.. I go faster. In about 3 seconds I will go from going about 4.5 miles to 9.6 miles an hour. And all the while I am wondering if all the skinny people on the treadmills behind me are staring and thinking "wtf is that chick doing??" Did I mention the WHOLE time I mouth the words to the song. At least I don't sing in the gym shower... hehe.

#2 there are two sections separated by a walkway that the cardio machines are located in and there are 8 or 10 TV's suspended from the ceiling. You can plug your headphones into the machine and watch whatever inspires you... Because I hate the treadmill and stair climber I stay on one side and always end up getting to watched the dubbed history channel. On Tuesday this posed a problem because I was not done with my work out and the Biggest Loser came on. It was on the opposite side of the room though so I couldn't read the captioning, my little plug in was broke so I had no audio and it was killing me knowing it was on and couldn't watch it!! Thank God I remember Tivo was taping it at home. I zoned into the scenes of the history channel and broke land speed records home to see my show!

The chronicles of Me at 24 Hour Fitness... hehe. and the good times just keep coming! :)

In other news... it was snowing today. Yes.. SNOWING! How depressing....