Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Poor Little Pumpkins...

Just down the street from my house there is a large pumpkin patch. A real honest-to-goodness pumpkin patch. It is on about an acre of land and when it is in full swing there is a little booth towards the front of the land parcel that handles money transactions, sell things like bags of onions and other in season fruits and veggies. Just behind the tables there are wagons lined up for mom and dad to take their children through the pumpkin patch to pick out their "perfect" pumpkin. Close to Halloween you would seen tons of people walking through and buying their pumpkins. Little children, and those that are big kids at heart were wondering though all day long.

I drove by the patch today and I got really depressed. The booth is gone, Halloween is over, we have seen snow and all these poor little homeless pumpkins are still ALL OVER the field. I felt horrible. All of these pumpkins wanted to be someone's pumpkin and to celebrate the holidays with a family and here they all are.. rotting in the field. Like kittens left in a shelter.

Logically, I know it isn't a big deal. Logically I know that the seeds will end up growing again next year for another pumpkin patch. Logically, I know that they are just pumpkins and they don't have feelings.

But I couldn't help the feeling that I wanted to somehow scoop them all up and bring them home and stack them in my yard, my porch, my living room, my kitchen, so they all felt loved and to take away the less-than-perfect not-good-enough feeling those poor little pumpkins have. I am still a bit sad even thinking about it now.

Yea.. I am a strange one... I know.... but I can't stop thinking about those poor, cold, lonely pumpkins.


Julie said...

Jenn I have to tell you that you are NOT alone. Vanessa is the same exact way. We noticed some pumpkins last week that didn't find a home and she got sad.

I have to admit she's the same way with Christmas trees, but it's even worse!! I try to tell her that they'll be mulched and help the next batch of trees, but she doesn't want to hear of it!

The 2 of you are too cute! She just read your blog and totally agrees with you. She feels your pain.


Miracle said...

I try not to think about Christmas trees. I try really hard...