Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Friday!

Well now my arm is nice and colorful (black and blue.. pretty!)
But at least it doesn't hurt so much today. :)

Has anyone see the new sweetener Truvia? It looks like a combo of stevia and sugar alcohol. I tried it. I think I like straight Sweet Leaf Stevia better... but it isn't half bad. And at least it is not artificial sweetener. It looks as though it is being distributed by the CocaCola company and is used overseas in some of the diet drinks like diet coke. I commend them for the effort. Now, if they could only make it organically. But this IS a step in the right direciton. I took myself off of artificial sweetener just about a year ago and you would be shocked at what it can do for your mental clarity. The alternative natural sweeteners you can find are just awesome! Artificial sweeteners are just not good for you for so many reasons. Studies show that in some studies it causes cancer in rats. Why on Earth would you want to put that in your body? So.. instead of using splenda (which is chlorinated sugar ew!) or equal or any other aspertame type stuff... try one of these!

Xylitol- not my fave, but not bad.

Stevia- love this in my tea, I prefer the powdered instead of the liquid :)

Agave Nectar From my understanding Agave is also what tequilla is made from. No wonder I like it :) I also like this in my tea in small doses.

My challenge to you is to trade out little things for these great sweeteners and see if you feel a difference, I think you will :) Let me know what ya think!


Anonymous said...

You should try Zevia. It is a diet soda that uses stevia