Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Man Tag

Here is my Man Tag from the wonderful Chelbear... you can find her at Stop by and give this wonderful mommy blogger some love!!
(OK.. I had to modify it a bit cause I am not married)

What is your husbands (Boyfriend's) name? Brice
How long have you been married(dating)? this time.. about a year now.
How long did you date? The first time for about a month. This time for about a year.
How old is he? 33
Who eats more sweets? Him. But I always steal bites of his ice cream
Who is taller? Brice
Who said "I love you" first? Me
Who can sing the best?I don't think either one of us would win awards for our vocal talent.
Who is smarter? Brice by far. He understands human nature better than anyone I know!
Who pays the bills? Since we are dating.. we both pay our own bills :)
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Brice in his bed.
Who mows the lawn? Luckily we both rent, so neither.
Who cooks dinner? Me. Brice is a bachelor through and through. But he did cook hamburgers a couple of weeks ago!
Who drives? Depends on where we are going. Lately it has been me.
Who kissed who first? I think it was pretty mutual. If I remember correctly I think I made a joke about kissing and we both went from there...
Who asked who out first? Brice asked me out first.. it just took him a bit to work up the courage. After meeting him and then running into him in a very random fashion.. he finally got enough courage to find out my number so he could call and ask me out.
Who wears the pants? LOL... I think we take turns in that one. We are both pretty headstrong and stubborn.

I tag Everybody that reads my blog! I would love to hear your Man Tags!