Friday, November 14, 2008

Future perverts of America..

I was in one of my favorite shopping spots after work today.

I am unwinding from this long week and picking up many many clothes to try on. I have to try EVERYTHING on because 1 in 10 things might look good on me, and then out of those 1 in 10 there may be 1 in 3 of those that I actually buy because its comfortable and what I am looking for. So... shopping is a process for me. I am ok with that though. I would rather buy something I absolutely love that 10 things that are "OK" in the name of buying more clothes to wear.

I hang everything in the dressing room and slowly start trying things on. The "door" to the dressing stall is really just a curtain that slides back and forth.. like a shower curtain. About three shirts into this clothes extravaganza I pull one off and start putting it on the hanger when the curtain moves and a little boy pokes his head in. I first saw his reflection in the mirror. As fast as he move the curtain, he was gone again. It made me jump, but I figured he was looking for him mother, thought she was in the stall I was in, and as soon as he realized.. he moved on. So I shrug it off, tug the curtain as closed as I could get it (so there wasn't that little 1/2 inch gap.. or so I tried)... and keep trying on clothes.

Then I hear about four or five kids running around. You can tell they are chasing one another around and doing all the stuff kids do liking hiding in the clothes rounders, yelling across the stores, etc. I strongly consider beating them within an inch of their life am starting to get agitated just a bit.

I continue trying on clothes and I see a pair of eyes in the mirror. I am standing there in my freakin' bra and underwear and this boy is watching me dress through the little 1/2 inch of daylight at the edge of the curtain. As soon as I see him, he runs. Now I am getting riled.

It takes alot to get me upset.
Especially to the point of saying anything.
I do not normally have a short or even a medium fuse.
I take a deep breath and still chalk it up to "kids being kids"

This male spawn of satan dear, sweet, innocent child opens the curtain and STARES at me. I turned around, grabbed a dress off the hanger, threw it over my head and started out of the dressing room loudly demanding "WHO DOES THIS CHILD BELONG TO" (I am still a bit shocked that I even did that much)



A lady at the other end of the store said "oh. He's mine"
Me: "He has been watching me in the dressing room and flipping the curtain open!"

The mom says to the boy in a very non-chalant voice "come here and stay by me"
No apologies, no nothing.

I am finally at the last round of trying things on and hear her come into the dressing room and tell her children to "be good" and stay near her curtain. Not even five seconds later... same pair of eyes ... looking into the mirror at me. I threw my clothes on and left. PISSED.

Now... I am not a mom. I don't have kids. And I can imagine how hard it is to keep them in check in a store and all.... I know that kids do not always behave and that sometimes you have errands to run and clothes to buy and life to live. I get it.

However, if you can't not teach your child to respect other people, if you cannot explain crucial learning points to your child, if your child can not behave in public... DO NOT BRING THEM WITH YOU. There are some things that are just not acceptable and facilitating your child into become a future stalker, pervert, or voyeur of America is on that list.



vivian said...

I'm with you. That kind of behaviour is inexcusable, especially when the parent is clearly, doing nothing about it. There is no way I would have got away with behaviour like that when I was a kid. I'm also not a mother yet, but will be in less than two months. And I agree that kids don't always behave the way you would like them to, but this is unacceptable. It sucks that it ruined your shopping trip.