Sunday, October 19, 2008

HOLY CROW! I LOVE this blogger!

Happy Monday Blogworld!
I spent a better part of last night surfing blogs. I had an urge to surround myself with something real, something beautiful, something inspiring and ....

Here is what I found!!! Naturally Nina

You know it is a good blog when you start reading, read the archives and when there is more options for "older posts" at the bottom... you feel sad. I am officially a fan!

And in other news..Let me tell you about my Sunday. Half my day was spent lounging around with a stack of movies and a person near and dear to my heart. I got up to cook breakfast and that was about it. Then,in the afternoon, for reasons not quite apparent to me at the time.. I passed out. The first time in my whole life. I have had head rushes before, I have felt light headed before, I have seen spots before, but NEVER have I EVER passed out before. Out of sheer luck I happened to be hugging said near and dear person who caught me. It was only for a couple seconds but it shook up my whole day.
The phrase often said of close friends and loved ones is "they catch you when you fall" well.. yesterday was a true illustration. It made me that much more thankful for the people I love, that love me back.
So, to those who both figuratively and literally catch me when I fall... Thank you. You mean the world to me.