Monday, October 6, 2008

Dawson's Addict

For your information... I own all 6 seasons of Dawson's Creek!
I am an addict.
I have watched it about 10 times since I bought them quite some time ago. I need another series just as good to get sucked into.

Any suggestions?


spencer said...

Dexter...its on Showtime...but the first 2 seasons are on DVD now. Its like CSI with a weird twist to it. He's a forensic scientist and also a vigilante serial killer. Awesome.

Weeds is good two...just the first 3 seasons...the last one was ho-hum. About a mom who's husband dies and becomes a pot dealer to survive. Good comedic edge with high drama...totally worth it.

Miracle said...

I have never heard of Dexter. I will check that out. I have heard that Weeds is good too.. so I will add that onto my list. Thank you!!!!

Chasey said...

Oh new addiction is How I Met Your Mother. Season 3 just came out today, so go get all three! NOW! It's hilarious!

And of course, I have to suggest Six Feet Under, my favorite show EVER. It has the same guy from Dexter in it. :)

Chasey said...

Oh, and Arrested Development. ROCK!