Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All about Miracle

Sometimes, I love lists! So... here are some random facts about me..
1. I always draw on Styrofoam cups with pen.. I love the texture and how bright the pen is on the white 
2. after a few (alcoholic) drinks I tend to lapse into sign language.
3. most of my lunch breaks involved a great coffee shop and a yummy cup of tea!
4. I have an irrational, uncontrollable fear of mice. Dead or alive.
5. I love pictures of trees.
6. I hate Italian sausage on pizza. It looks like dog food to me.
7. I have often contemplated a book on my life because its circumstances sound like some weird story you would find on a soap opera and.. its ALL true.
8. Just off of principal.. I will never watch Nascar.
9. My favorite sport to watch is hockey.
10. After many years of failed conventional medicine, I now only go to naturopathic doctors and … IT WORKS!
11. I am 27 and I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up.
12. I once had a stranger sing “Baby Blue” by George Strait to me in a crowded restaurant.. and then disappear into the chaos.
13. I want to be just like my little sister when I grow up.
14. I always wanted to be a daddy’s girl.
15. I hope if I ever have a little girl that she will be a daddy’s girl.
16. One of my most missed memories of my hometown is ice skating under a moonlit sky with no one else around… after dark being covered in big fluffy snowflakes.
17. I still use a 35mm SLR camera and I LOVE it…
18. I currently have about 16 flavors of tea in my cupboard. By the time I actually post this blog, I am sure the number will have grown cause I buy a new flavor everytime I go to the store… 
19. I have a secret love of Bikram yoga. Especially in the winter!
20. I could answer almost any question you have about auto glass, property and casualty insurance, working with individuals that are blind.