Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Word Collages

My stack of magazines has been getting bigger and bigger. One night, I pulled all of them out and sat on my bed and cut out the words and phrases and even a few pictures that I thought were inspiring and beautiful. That took me two nights and a rather large envelope. I then tried to make some sort of sense into the words, splitting them into a few catergories. I started one word collage by handwriting the words "I Deserve" and plastered a bunch of words around it.

I Deserve: Expect More, eat healthy, luxury living, love life, healing, look amazing, get organized, sweet dreams, sanctuary, living well, comfort, organic cooking, pretty feet, kisses, passport, be blessed, relax, success, happiness, paridise, stay well, say yes to life.

Another collage I found a beautiful "Me" in big letters and started adding words around that. These are more of things I want to be.

Me: Smart and Sexy, Healthy, Extraordinary, Inspired, Calm, Serene, The Best Damn Thing, Incredible, Tranquil, Amazing, Smart, Energy, Self Improving, Grace, Enlightened, Sexy Abs, Beauty.

The third collage I did was great phrases and actions I should keep in mind. There was no basis word.. I just covered the whole page.

Try Believe Love, Live Brightly, Indulge, Say Yes to Hope, Pump It Up, Women Who Step Up, Simplify Life, Unleash Your Mysterious Side, Increase Quality of Life, Beauty is as Beauty Does, Shine From the Inside Out, Be Part of the Solution, Doing Good, Oh Yes I Can!, You Can Do Anything, Feel The Joy, Finding The Right Balance, Creame, Om, Discover the Power, Make A Memory.

After putting all of these on beautiful paper, I put them in a place I can see them daily. There were some left overs... phrases that I felt the need to think about more. So, my journaling this week has consisted of pasting an image or a phrase on a page and writing about it. You should try it. It feels indulgently creative and .. very uplifting. Let me know how it goes!


Naturally Jules said...

What a fantastic and creative idea! I love the idea of using one word and journaling about it. I must dust off my journal!