Sunday, June 28, 2009

I may have to crawl...

Yesterday marked the first day of my traning for the 3 day walk. My boyfriend is a big fan of fly fishing so we talked about our plans for the day. He was to head up to a lake that is up the mountain and I was going to walk in that direction from the cabin. When he was done fishing, he was going to pick me up on my route. I walked from the cabin to the highway. I have no idea what that distance that is. The next mile marker I saw was just a bit down the road,.. Mile marker 15. I left about an hour after he did with the plan of being picked up in about hours. I packed up my hydration pack with 65 oz of water and there I went.. Mile marker 15... Mile marker 16. Stop and drink some water, sit down for a few. Mile marker 17, Mile marker 18. All the while sipping on the hydration pack. Finally, at mile marker 19 I looked at the time. It was 4 something. He was late. Hmm.. So I turn around and start walking back, and switch sides of the road. Now.. From marker 15 to 19 I noticed one dead thing and it was a poor little creature of sorts that was squished in the road. On the way back down, however, In the first mile I noticed about 4 various dead animals. I started thinking about it and wondered if that was a sign that it was a bad side of the road to walk on. So I went back to the other side. Hahah. At about mile marker 17 `/2 my feet hurt so bad that I was almost limping. Not from blisters or anything just from a pain in my feet. Then… I realize that the 50ish oz of water I have consumed has hit my bladder. Can I just tell you that I think if women have to put up with so many things, that they should get to pee standing up with out feeling the need of using TP! So I hike off the road and nervous that he will drive by about the time he can’t see me. Luckily, due to last camping season, I discovered that I had camping TP in my pack! WOOOOO HOOO!!! Finally, just after mile marker 15 on my way back, he pulls up. I am SO glad I didn’t have to hike up hill to the cabin cause I was walking so slow at that point that snails were passing me. Maybe not snails, I didn’t see many of those. But certainly caterpillars. By the time I got out of the car again, I could hardly walk. The pain in my feet was so intense that I was limping on both feet. My poor boyfriend was horrified. Instead of the 3 hours later, he picked me up about 5 hours later. But luckily, when all is said and done I accomplished about nine miles in one shot. it’s a starting point! And I survived it with out even so much as a hot spot on my feet or a single blister.

Next time, I am certainly going to break those into smaller walks through out the day.!


Julie said...

Wow that's great. Keep it up!