Friday, February 4, 2011

Be Careful What You Ask For!

We have all heard "Be careful what you ask for, it may just come true." It is soooo very true. Let me tell you a bit of a story about this. This is one of many stories to come...

I was not living my truth, for many different reasons, but mainly out of fear and intimidation. For months I kept asking for a business coach, a personal coach, guidance, someone that could help me out and keep me learning and on track. At the time, it was not coming from the form of a supervisor. I would think about this almost daily about how wonderful it would be, how much I would improve, and how much I was ready for it. I continued to focus on it.

Then, the door was no longer open on my current employment.
I chose a new job based off of things that aligned with me, Miracle, as a person.
Within 2 weeks of making this choice I happened upon 5 coaches that wanted to work with me!!! They seemingly, came out of no where. And at no cost to me!!! At that point, I was so overwhelmed that I almost wished it all away. Until I got to thinking about and realized what I was looking at. I was looking at the results of such intense manifesting... This was the result. My plea had not been unheard. In order for the Universe to supply this, I had to live more in alignment of what I was about.

Now, I am only working with one. That does make me a bit sad because I want to work with all of them and absorb the knowledge and wisdom! But I know my day will come when I get to work with them individually. So ... as the saying goes... be careful what you ask for! It will eventually come true! And if it isn't happening, look inward. There may be something that needs to be aligned. (Edited to Add.... Minutes after I wrote this I found THIS link. This is pretty good way to explain not being in alignment or out of the "Vortex:)

I am so blessed.