Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Paper planner: So far, So good :) :)
I have not missed a meeting yet and have gotten much more accomplished. Yay! I'll keep you posted. I am still on week one!

My list of "wants" this week is THIS
It looks like such an inspiring and amazing event. I wish I would have known about it just a few days sooner, however. I am going to watch for it for next year!

And in other news: My bum and the ice decided to be come fast friends, with a bang!
Me+ hot coffee+ laptop bag+ purse+ ice covered in a slight layer of snow= Me praying for summer, begging more like!

Things that made me smile today:
1. Getting to converse with someone I hadn't known well over lunch
2. Seeing a young woman take steps to improve her life and empower herself, despite popular opinion.
3. Biggest Loser! The show never stops inspiring me.
4. Getting many things accomplished and off my desk (yesterday too!)
5. Realizing I am down a couple of pounds. LOVE my bodybugg!
6. Hot tea and stevia! MMMM.....
7. Sending a send card without actually having to put it in the mailbox myself. I am SO bad about that. It just hangs out in my bag on or my desk for days. Sendoutcards is a godsend!
Bob totally hooked me up! You can send a free card on him and tell him I say hi! :)
8. Yummy smelling candles... mmmmmm...
9. People that have said "please" and "thank you"

What made you smiles today?