Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Let me start this blog by saying that Pink has NEVER been my favorite color. Up until about a year ago, I did not own one single thing that involved the color pink. As far as I was concerned, pink can stay where it belongs... in sunsets and sunrises :)

In honor of the 3day walk and Breast Cancer Awareness I have been wearing my 3day pin, a breast cancer ribbon, and as of yesterday I have dawned pink fingernails. Everytime I see them, I cringe! I swear it looks like I have cotton candy on my hands. Days before the walk I will be putting a pink streak in my hair. I will be purchasing pink tshirts for the walk... my life is being invaded by pink. So far, it has grown on me a little bit. I may come home from Seattle quite a sight, with a whole new wardrobe! Haha.. not likely, but one never knows....

I am back to being able to walk even though I am still having fun with Plantar Fasciitis. I went to the New Balance Store last night, only to discover that among other things, I am wearing the wrong shoes!! So my goal for the day is to figure out how to come up with money for new ones and insoles... I am glad I discovered this four weeks out instead of the day of!!!

Of to work I go...