Sunday, March 1, 2009

Calm after the storm..

Today is Sunday. Can you guess where I am?

My laundry needs to be done.
My room needs to be cleaned.
I have a million little small projects to work on.
I need to run to the store and buy some make up before I scare the shivers out of my coworkers and accounts tomorrow.


I have to pick my man up from the airport tonight at 9. Eventually I need to pack a bag and get moving. For right now, I am totally at peace and needed a day for my mind to relax. To regroup. To smile.

Some days I wonder if I need more "me" time than the average person. And then I realize the only time I think that is when I am not getting enough me time in. So it isn't that I need too much, it is just that I need to get some then and there!
The last week has been filled with drama, some arguing and growing pains with the love of my life, rumors, busy busy work stuff, and lack of sleep from staying up half the night coughing. Today is just what I needed. Some calm after the storm.

This week I bought some fresh ginger root. I heard it helps coughs and I can't seem to kick mine after three weeks even though I don't feel sick at all anymore. I cut it into little tiny pieces and put it in hot water with some agave nectar and it is YUMMY! I highly suggest it, if you like ginger!

Get some me time in today. Five minutes or five hours, but either way.. bring a smile to your face!

Happy Sunday beautiful people!