Monday, February 16, 2009

Snowflakes keep fallin' on my head...

Last weekend, I had the privileged of spending time with quality individuals. My man has a cabin in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Once a year a group of us goes up and snowmobiles into the cabin and the snowmobiles ALL weekend. (Don't worry, I won't grace you with the scary picture of me that are four days in with no shower or running water.. akkk!)
On the last day in the beautiful Uintas, we decided to take one last "short" ride where the guys proceeded to get one of the sleds stuck. While I was waiting patiently and helping others take pictures and video to document the occasion (because it was TRULY boneheaded!) I did something that I haven't done in a long time...

I looked at snowflakes. Individal little snowflakes. Beautiful crystal formations. It was truly breathtaking. The last time I stopped to do this was well over 10+ years ago. I had forgotten what a treat that can be. To enjoy the stillness, and observe such beauty. So... here is my challenge to you. Stop and look at the little things, take a deep breath and see what you see. It may just make your day :)


Naturally Jules said...

Beautiful post - sounds like a great weekend!

We just got bombarded with hail and like you, I was mezmarized by it! Being in SoCal - it doesn't happen very often.