Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its almost the end of January?!?!

I'm slackin' here folks! Don't you hate it when real life gets in the way of blogging? (Ok.. me either.. but I DO miss it at times)
Here are some things you have missed in the last couple of weeks:
My BF and I fought, we made up.
I worked.
My BF and I got all dramatic on each other. We made up. (GEEZ! relationships are freakin HARD)
I slept.
My Uncle died of cancer.
My BF ex-girlfriend thought she would try to cause some drama... we made up.
I joined an organization called "BNI" (very cool, if you are in any business where you would like to GROW your business, I suggest you check it out)
I worked a bit more.
I discovered how amazing Biosilk is.
I have gained a new upper eyelid twitch (on a daily basis) that I am almost certain is to my stress level, lack of sleep, and coffee intake.
I lost 4 pounds cause I couldn't eat for a day and half.
I ..... swung naked from the trees ..

OK... yea, that last one wasn't true... but I had to do something to keep you awake. Don't worry, I wouldn't wish that sight on anyone.

How is everyone?


Naturally Jules said...

Glad to see you are back! I know what you mean as far as life taking over! Day after day after day - huh? said...

Relationship are hard. Damn them.
Sigh. But they can be SO GOOD.