Monday, December 1, 2008

Do you ever...

Do you ever get the feeling that you aren't doing what you SHOULD be doing, careerwise?

I like my job. It isn't a bad job at all. I like my boss. I like the people I get to see. I don't wake up and dread going to work (as I used to with my last job but that is a whole other story)

Nonetheless.... I feel like my career needs to take a turn... more like.. a 180 degree turn.
I don't really have the money to be doing that at the time. I barely make enough to keep afloat, so I don't want to harm myself more than I help. Somehow I would need to qualify for financial aid.
Things I have thought about:
Home Heathcare
Going back to school for nursing/ to be a nutritionist/ a dental assistant or something of the like
Massage therapist
Yoga instructor
Cosmetology school
(any one seeing my pattern here?)

Right now I work in the automotive industry.
So, like I said, a total 180 degree turn.

The current problems that face me:
Lack of finances both for the education it would take to switch AND to keep myself sustained while partaking of such training.

Employer loyalty. My current employer has done much for me and I would literally be leaving them high and dry if I just all of a sudden changed my mind. I know they say there is no such thing as employee/ employer loyalty anymore... but I don't feel that way. Just because employers doesn't always live up to their part of the bargain does not mean that I have a reason not to.

Fear of the unknown.

Lack of health insurance in the meantime...

Anyone have some feedback? Been in a similar situation? Please share...


Jennette said...

I don't know what I think about "employer loyalty" if it means you're not allowed to quit your job. I think it means that you should do it in a respectful way, giving as much notice as is appropriate/feasible. But you have a greater responsibility to be loyal to yourself and your life plans than to an employer. People change directions and have to quit jobs. I am not saying this lightly. I have only quit twice and it was very hard both times because I liked the people and the company I was working with/for. But sometimes it has to be done. Good luck in this time of career and life discernment!