Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where did I go?

For those of you who were wondering where I went the last little bit, I thought I would bring you a small update.

I met someone.
Yea, I know (you can take the shocked look off of your face now)
Not sure what is going to happen with it, but it got very distracting and I realized I let many things fall when I started seeing him.

I have known him for a little while. We met at a party that a friend of mine was throwing and started dating. Then all of a sudden... nothing. He just dropped off the face of the Earth.

One year later he was asking for another chance and... everyone deserves a second chance. So we started dating again in January. We've done all sorts of fun things but hit some rocky spots too.
I never realized how many issues I developed after my last relationship. To be honest, it scares the hell out of me. Now I know why people get married so young. There are no issues there, no baggage, no kids, no divorces, the broken hearts are kept to a minimum. Can you say, GOOD TIMES!??! haha

Hope everyone is doing well and staying out of too much trouble. Much luv!